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Le Duc Vu


I have one question about the 3D Animation. The 3D assets must be created by me or i can use 3D models downloaded from the internet?

Thank you very much.

Account Deleted

You can use any reasonable 3D assets, as long as you animate at least some of the characters using iPi Mocap.

Le Duc Vu


So this competition start from this June? Do you have any specific time for the competition, like when is the deadline?

Account Deleted

This is a monthly competition. We will accept entries till the end of June, and will announce June winner on the fist day of July. Then we will accept entries for July, then August, and so on till the end of 2012.

Le Duc Vu

Thank you. One last question (im sorry if i ask too much)

So all I need to do is making the 3D animation and send the link to [email protected] , is that right?

Do i need to post anywhere else ? Like in the forum or using this blog?

Account Deleted

Yes, just send your animation to [email protected].

We also recommend that you publish your animation on YouTube or Vimeo, so that we could show it to people.


Can you please run this contest one more month!


i just see this announcement is a shame that i lose the opportunity to won..the videos of the contestants are great!

Pavel Sorokin

The competition was very successful so we decided to continue for the whole year of 2013. Welcome to submit you entry in January!


Wow! Thats so great! Excellent!

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